Mum makes 100th blood donation on Mother’s Day in memory of her father

Gary, Tracey, Shaun, Nathan and Dominic gathered for the special donation.

CELEBRATING Mother’s Day by rolling up her sleeve for the 100th time, Coffs Harbour mum Tracey Reynolds made the occasion a family affair.

The day holds special significance to Tracey’s family, being the eleventh anniversary of the passing away of her father, who needed six units of blood in hospital.

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Tracey wanted to commemorate her father’s passing by making six blood donations on Mother’s Day to replace the blood her father needed.

Pitching the idea to family members, she ended up with a group of seven.

She was accompanied in making her 100th donation by three first timers – Nathan, Dominic and Shaun.

Other family members were more seasoned, with Angel making her second donation, husband Gary making his third donation, and Ben his fifth donation.

More than seventeen percent of Australian mothers rely on donated blood to help with complications during pregnancy.

There are also thousands of Australian mothers who are alive because of blood donations, with blood always on standby in childbirth, and up to one in ten women at risk of needing blood in childbirth.

“With every blood donation helping to save three lives, Tracey has potentially helped more than 300 mothers and their children stay alive,” Lifeblood spokesperson Ruth Harrison told News Of The Area.

More than a third of all donated blood or 50 donations every week in Coffs Harbour are used to treat those with cancer, including blood cancer.

“Mothers and their children often need a lot of blood, but cancer patients are now the nation’s largest users of blood, which is needed to help them make it through chemotherapy and fight the cancer,” said Ruth.

“Most people believe that trauma patients are the main recipients of blood but only one hour of your time could mean a lifetime to a mother, her baby, or a cancer patient.”

Ruth stated that while we all believe that blood will be there if we need it, not enough are putting their hands up to donate.

“Right now the health of the population is riding on a very small percentage of people (three percent) donating.”

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Gary and Tracey Reynolds with Nathan and Dominic, family members who all donated blood on Mother’s Day in special memory of Tracey’s father.

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