Myall Coast Community Report by Gordon Grainger


THE Reference Group has again not been able to meet due to the pandemic, however the committee of the Progress Assn. met for the first time since March this year and I hasten to add, under the strict social rules.

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It is anticipated these meetings will continue in order our members are kept abreast of events.

Again, August was a very busy month, however before starting the report, we would like to pay our respects to Peter Economos, who recently passed away.

Peter was a member of the Reference Group and a tireless contributor to this community through his activities in the Rural Fire Brigade and the Pindimar Progress Assn.

He will be sadly missed and our sympathies go to Betty and family.

The recent road fatality on the corner of M1 and Myall Way has revived calls for an overpass.

Since the highway was completed in 2005, very few accidents have resulted using the current turn-off and the chances of achieving a major overhaul are considered minimal.

Following accidents at the corners of Medowie Road and The Bucketts Way, warning lights have been installed at those intersections and we are requesting similar lighting.

Leash free areas for dogs are minimal in this community and it has been suggested that the park in Swan Bay be designated leash free.

Some concern was raised re the dingo population and the area may need fencing.

The question will be raised through the Reference Group.

It has been asked that PA monitor all DA applications, an onerous task and not warranted as the information is freely available under the MidCoast web site.

DA’s are also exhibited at the Council Office and accessible to all members of the community.

The Myall River Art Walk group have recently completed two projects, the first was the installation of ceramic artwork by Chez Rands.

It is located next to Anzac Park and titled “Talking Heads” depicting local ladies having a dip in the ocean.

The second has been the laying of plaques naming each public wharf after the droghers who tied up over 100 years ago.

The ferry wharf has been named “Yalinbah” who carried people and goods throughout the Bay and Lakes in the early 1900’s.

The early arrival of warm weather has resulted in an increase in visitors to our area.

That includes river traffic and both public wharves were at full capacity over the weekend.

We are extremely pleased to advise the Myall Lakes Aquatic Club have arranged the removal of two leaning posts which will provide additional accommodation for small craft.

Council provided the MRAG with two options on the upgrading of the Tea Gardens boat ramp and asked for comment.

Those comments have now been relayed including a third option which calls for a central pontoon ending in a “T”.

Those comments are being considered and it must be recalled we are limited to the grant funding of $330K.

The dredge campaign in the lower Myall is now in the last two weeks and on schedule.

It has ceased pumping sand onto Jimmys Beach and resumed replenishing the stockpile.

They are shifting 1000cu.m per day and were able to continue operations during the bad weather experienced along The Boulevard a couple of weeks ago.

My observation was that the operators of very heavy equipment along the waterfront were very brave people.





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