Myall Hawks lose battle of attrition at home

The Hawks’ Luke Perry scores his side’s first try, sliding past Hinton defenders.

RETURNING home to Myall Park was bittersweet for the Hawks Men’s Seniors, who fought a war of attrition against the Hinton Hornets on Saturday 29 June.

Both teams were strong from the start on a beautiful winter’s day in Hawks Nest.

Hinton made the first try, followed by two more that came at great expense of effort, just managing to push over the Hawks’ backline despite strong defence.

First aid officers were on-field often, carting away two Hinton players with running injuries in the first half alone, and by the halfway point both sides were clearly fatiguing.

The Hawks, who began the second half 24 points down, were eventually rewarded for valiant efforts down the wings.

Luke Perry caught the right pass, slid past Hinton’s defenders, and dove in for the Hawks’ first try.

The play remained hard and heavy, the Hawks offence raking the tryline, but to no avail for a while, although their strong defence saw a few Hawks pick up one Hornet and carry him back into the endzone, triggering a line dropout.

The Hawks’ second and final try came, once again, when the full breadth of the field was utilised, as the ball started out on the right wing, then rapidly found its way over to the left, where James Sinclair brought it down over the line, and Shaqueil Saunders successfully converted.

The game finished 10-30 in Hinton’s favour.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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