Myall Park Croquet celebrates great year on the court

The Myall Park croquet courts got busy throughout 2023.

MALLETS rested as the Myall Park Croquet Club enjoyed a beautiful early Christmas lunch upon the clubhouse lawn at Yamba Street, Hawks Nest, on Monday 27 December.

Club members and guests enjoyed a spread of summer Christmas favourites that was expertly catered by the Club’s catering team, Michele and Suzie.

The Croquet Club has welcomed three new members this year, with Stefan, Sherrie and Gary taking up the mallets, learning how to play the simple, yet deceptively deep game.

“It’s a lot like ‘chess on grass’,” agreed the new members, reflecting on their experiences so far.

“I wanted to do something that would engage my brain, and had often wondered what croquet would be like,” Stefan, who started playing only twelve weeks ago, told NOTA.

“A leaflet in Coles said ‘Challenge Your Mind’, so I went along to Myall Park for a look.

“When I first picked up a mallet, I was woeful, but within an hour I was hooked – it is very simple at the outset, but I love the technical side of the game, dealing with the moves by other players, it’s a thinking game.”

Sherrie, who started only eleven weeks ago, enjoys the sport for its “mild-impact physical exercise and activity in the sunshine”.

“I find it to be mentally challenging, you try to think several steps ahead, and the people at the Club are helpful, pleasant and very welcoming.

“On the excellent advice of club members I’ve played with, I’ve learnt correct techniques and stance for balance, how to line up the ball carefully, good grip, etc.”

Many croquet players claim that they enjoy the sport for either social interaction or competition.

November Club winners were Pam, Ian and Mahlah, while Pat was overall winner for the year.

“All newcomers are welcome to play and try Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings 8:45am for 9am start,” the Club’s Sue Dodds said.

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, from Myall Park Croquet!”

By Thomas O’KEEFE

A wonderful early Christmas lunch was enjoyed by the Club’s players and their guests.

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