Nambucca Valley Bridge Club Results


MONDAY 15 November.

Phil directed a four table Howell event.

Winners: Phil Booth and Robert Marshall.

Runners-up: Richard Levy and Kent Taylor.

Tuesday 16 November.

Carol directed a four table Howell.

Winners: Carol McKee and Amber Fox.

Runners-up: Margaret Sullivan and Alison Savage.

Wednesday 17 November.

Robert directed the Grand National Novice pairs under 100 mps event, 9 pairs took part.

Winners: Barbara Lott and Linda Siford.

Runners up: Lynne and John Slade.

Thursday 18 November.

John Directed a five table Mitchell.

North/South winners: Lynne and John Slade.

Runners-up: Barbara Lott and Linda Siford.

East/West winners: Janet Dyson and Daphne Priestley.

Runners-up: Richard Levy and Joanna Halioris.

Saturday 20 November.

Robert directed a five ½ table Mitchell.

North/South winners: Rob Marshall and Phil Booth.

Runners-up: Mike Siford and Kent Taylor.

East/West winners: Richard Levy and Joanna Halioris with an impressive 71.8%.

Runners up: Scott Parker and Michael Finucane with an equally impressive 63.1%.



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