New Ladies Champions at Nambucca Bowls Club

Runner up Margaret Duffus and Rosemary Dugdale, winner of Ladies Minor Singles.

WE have held two Championships at NBC in the last month and some new names will be added to our honour boards.

Kim Porter and Chris Davis have defeated Elaine Fleming and Janice Cedelland to become the 2023 Major/Minor Pairs Champions.

There were a number of great games throughout this competition which showed the strength of our women bowlers.

In the recent Minor Singles Championship it was terrific to see Deb Mann, one of our newest bowlers, have a go.

In the end it was a final between Rosemary Dugdale and Margaret Duffus – two ladies who have been bowling for under seven years, and who have really improved their games over that time.

This year, the victory went to Rosie, with a strong win of 25- 11.

Numbers have increased again for our Thursday morning social bowls – perhaps getting in practice for our next competitions.

Varied round results have been:

J. Haig, M. Smith & P. James defeated R. Dugdale, A. Duffus & M. Dwarte 16-13;K. Dale, E. Brown & B. Jones defeated T. Ryan, M. Flagg & P. Fletcher 24-18;A. Ried, A. Duffus & P. Fletcher drew 16all with T. Ryan, M. Duffus & P. James; R. Dugdale, M. Smith & N. Blackford def T. Meehan, J. Cedelland & M. Montgomery 17-5.

Last week’s results were- A-M Johnson, M. Duffus & P. Fletcher def A. Duffus, C. Davis & E. Fleming 20-16; D. mann, T. Ryan & M. Montgomery def H. Frank. A. Power & N. Blackford 16-15; J. Cedelland, S. Seckold & P. James def J. Hiagh, M. Dwarte & K. Porter 34-9 and E. Brown & M. Smith def E. Brown & R. Dugdale 14-5.
Out Thursday night Twilight bowls continue to be a popular weekly event.

Please note we are now starting at 5.30pm and playing the whole game, followed by a barbecue.


Kim Porter and Chris Davis, Major/Minor Pairs Champions.

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