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My hairdresser was on holidays so, in desperation, I had to use another hairdresser who works at the same salon. She actually did a much better job than my normal hairdresser and now I want to swap, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings. What should I do?
Mrs VA, Medowie

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Dear Mrs VA,
You have just sent a shiver up the spine of every hairdresser in Medowie. They are currently cross-referencing their bookings to find the culprit and gazing at each other with slitty-eyed stares (made more difficult by the casual lock of hair that covers one eye in that terribly fashionable but totally impractical hairstyle hairdressers sport). You can’t swap hairdressers on a whim. Your appearance is not the important thing here, Mrs VA. Of prime importance is, and always will be, the hairdresser’s self-esteem.

A hairdresser expects loyalty. We are mere mannequins for their artistic forays. You could be destroying the reputation of Medowie’s Monet. It is not worth the risk. I recommend you take a long, hard look at yourself for even contemplating such a fickle move. Swap? You can’t just swap! Your relationship with your hairdresser is like a marriage. You are in for the long haul. The good and the bad. In sickness and in health. Till death do you part (or the salon closes, or you relocate – whatever comes first). I hope I’ve managed to knock some sense into the momentarily absent mind that resides beneath those finely coiffed tresses.

Carpe diem,

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