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Dear Denise,
The Local Agent Keeps Saying They Have a Buyer but I want to do some Repairs First!
GF Medowie

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If an agent has just sold a Neighbours home and they are advising that they have buyers, then they probably do.

From my experience, there are usually potential buyers when a property is sold, who have missed out, and are currently feeling very disappointed.

This is a great opportunity for the next seller to achieve a sale fairly quickly.

As an agent it can be frustrating though when you know a neighbour wishes to sell but they decide to hold off to do some minor repairs & maintenance thinking that the buyers will still be there when they’re finished. Understandably, the homeowner wishes to present the home in its best shape but unfortunately the buyer usually doesn’t wait around for long. So it is optimal to show them through the property as soon as you can.

As you would know by now I don’t normally give this advice, but in this instance;

Have a good think about whether you are definitely ready to sell your home. If the answer is yes, then present the home as best but as quickly as you possibly can and let the agent show the potential buyer through. Strike while the iron is hot as they say, & you may just have yourself a sale!

I hope this helps!

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