One in three young people concerned about cost-of-living

THE State’s children are feeling more positive about their lives than they did in 2022, according to new research from the NSW Advocate for Children and Young People, Zoë Robinson.

The figures are based on a survey commissioned by Ms Robinson and conducted by SecNewgate Research from 23 August to 13 September 2023.

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“It is encouraging to see that key measures indicate improvements over the last twelve months,” Ms Robinson said.

“Children and young people are feeling more positive about their life as a whole and have increased hope for the future,” Ms Robinson said.

“While it is important to highlight the positives, there are still areas of concern for children and young people and we need to ensure they are not overlooked by government or policy.

“More than one in three are concerned about cost-of-living, the same number have experienced bullying and one in five mention mental health and wellbeing as their key concern,” Ms Robinsons added.

When asked to rate how they felt about their life as a whole, 72 percent of surveyed children and young people provided a positive rating of seven or more out of ten – a significant increase from 65 percent in 2022.

Most children and young people remain optimistic about their future, with 75 percent rating a positive seven or more out of ten on their hope for getting the education and training they need.

In 2023, the high cost of living was the number one issue highlighted by children and young people in NSW with 35 percent mentioning it unprompted, up from eight percent in 2021.

Mental health and emotional wellbeing remain a key concern with just over one in five (22 percent) mentioning either, unprompted, as areas of concern.

However, that number is down ten percent from 2022, when nearly a third (32 percent) mentioned it as a key issue.

In 2023, 36 percent of children and young people had experienced bullying in the past twelve months.

Among those children and young people who had experienced bullying in the past twelve months, more than one in three (36 percent) experienced bullying weekly.

“Children and young people know what will help them and want to be part of the design of solutions to ensure great results.

“This work shows what is working and where there is work to be done.”

This was the second tracking report for the NSW Strategic Plan for Children and Young People, measuring changes in children and young people’s perceptions on key issues that impacted them throughout 2023.

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