Online booking system for Mungo Brush Camp Site

The popular Mungo Brush campground in Myall Lakes National Park will be the first in the region to introduce a new reservation system this week.

Myall Lakes National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Great Lakes Area Manager Stephen Smith said reservations for the 78-site campground at Mungo Brush on the Bombah Broadwater will be taken from 9am Friday 1 May, with bookings available up to 12 months in advance.

“The roll-out of a state-wide standardised reservation system for a range of NPWS properties has provided us with the opportunity to introduce a reservation system into new areas like Mungo Brush,” Mr Smith said.

“Reservations enable customers to plan their stay ahead of time, providing comfort in the knowledge their reservation is secure, especially during peak season when demand is high.”

“The introduction of various easy to use booking options provides flexibility for visitors and an equal opportunity to access campgrounds and accommodation.”

“It also provides a consistent and efficient method for visitors to make payments prior to arrival.”

Mr Smith said bookings could be made up to 12 months in advance either online or by phone.

“Preferred sites can be selected using the online campground map at the time of reservation, or via phone bookings.”

“Subject to its successful implementation at Mungo Brush, the system may be implemented in other appropriate campgrounds within Myall Lakes and Booti Booti national parks.”

Mr Smith said fees collected contribute directly to the on-ground management of facilities and ensure NPWS can continue to provide these services.

Bookings can be made at Mungo Brush campground from this Friday 01 May from 9am.

For specific enquiries about Mungo Brush campground please contact the NPWS Great Lakes Area Office on 02 6591 0300.

3 thoughts on “Online booking system for Mungo Brush Camp Site

  1. in my opinion THIS SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK, we have been camping at mungo brush and surrounds since the 1960’s and have found it easy to find a campsite and had no problems with other campers encroaching on our space, Will the same people be reserving the same sites over and over again? we went up to mungo brush for a drive the other week and got talking to a man and his family packing up their gear he told us he was just travelling through and set up camp for a night or two the ranger came and told him the site was reserved and he had to leave it this was not school holiday time or a long weekend we went for a walk around mungo brush campsites just north of the boat ramp on a week day recently and only one camper was there
    signed Pam Roberts 4/12/2015

  2. Yep I belive this is a joke. In no way does it work.
    I know of alot of older people that have lost a wife or hubby
    And they now like myself have to pay for two people when in fact they are one,now call it what you like but this is taking money under false pretenses. I believe it is not fair nor right
    I have been going to mungo for 37 years this year with my dad and mum and want and av been taking my kids now tho this booking system has made it very hard to do and only live 50 minutes away it is worng and things need to change for the money we pay we get a toilet and a bbq that only works when it wants to nothing else we need more taps at the other camp ground and even a cold shower would be good for those that don’t take own like myself yours truly Adam

  3. The new booking system doesnt work. Its used to work better when you arrived and picked a site and stayed the time you want to. Now we wanted to stay a week. Not schoold holidays and half the park had sites near the lake for only 2 nights available. We had to move every 2days and on first site nobody turned up for site 15 so we could have had it for 4 nights instead of moving. Your loosing money this way as most people would just go elsewhere if they could only get 2 nights on a week day. When you book so far ahead too anything can happen and the sites arent being cancelled as there is no refund so people dont bother and thats what gappened with us having to move and nobody came onto the site that had been booked anyway. Go back to old system less stressful. Until you see a site anyway you cant see if you will fit on it too and if you need solar for panels on riof trees you dont want and once again if dont know whats on the sites its a problem

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