OPINION: A Complex Community


DEAR News Of The Area,

THE news this week prompts reflection.

Reports of conflicting, and well meaning positions.

A person convicted of a crime while endeavouring to preserve the survival of our native fauna from the introduced predators.

Feline and otherwise.

Another report Drew attention to the vulnerability of newly hatched ducklings.

Where does sanity shake hands?

Some years ago I observed a fascinating interaction between newly proud ducks, their new ducklings and a butcher bird.

The bobbing head of a duck was observed above some long grass on the north side of my property, and my attention was engaged.

Next, a butcher bird hovered close to the head of the foremost duck.

Intrigued, I watched as the grass produced the advance of a newly formed family of ducks.

This little family ambled across the front of the property toward an area where the gap under the fence was greatest.

As the little family neared the exit I noticed that the neighbours cat was showing considerable interest in the procession, and was advancing toward the potential ambush location.

Suddenly a butcher bird flew in to distract the cat; a speedy exit and lack of interest evident.

It was most interesting and observable the change in attitude of the little duck family, and heartwarming to watch the change from a relaxed meander across my front lawn, to the purposeful march at the edge of the road leading to a water resource nearby.

Who and how does someone prosecute the butcher bird for attacking and causing fear in my neighbours cat?

Peter D,
Sapphire Beach.

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