OPINION: Invest your voting privilege wisely


DEAR News Of The Area,

FOR two years, our community voice has not been heard.

You now have that golden opportunity to address your concerns within our LGA.

There can be no doubt that we need change, which calls for recruiting the best leaders.

It’s time for clear heads as we gather strength to chart the future of our beautiful city.

Many policies will assail us in the coming weeks.

Tired old clichés, character assassinations, and lame motherhood statements don’t cut it anymore!

Look for truth and answers that match your vision for Coffs Harbour.

The danger lies in our reluctance or failure to embrace change.

We must work towards reconciling the pain and polarised positions of the past two years. In unity, we can find strength in moving forward.

It’s time to lay down our battle fatigues and dedicate the next four weeks to studying each candidate to assess what contribution they could make.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find people who want to genuinely serve our city, not lay the foundations for a political career.

These Council elections present a journey in which we all must play our part.

It is worthy of your assigning time for careful thought; please invest your voting privilege wisely.

Tom Strickland OAM.

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