OPINION: Can Australians handle the truth?

DEAR News Of The Area,

THE opinion in your Friday 11 August 2023 issue, titled ‘Aborigines a separate nation?’ evokes a strongest response, impelling me to write for the first time, as other articles have a touch of rationality or lack thereof.

I presume the writer, Wayne Duesbury, is an immigrant like me and is not aware that First Nations have over 60,000 years of continuous culture and made up 100 percent of the population before alien settlement.

They are widely regarded as Traditional Owners of the land, sea etc.

Did he ask why they were not included in the original agreement, then again in the constitution of 1901 or at the time of acknowledging they have a right to vote, in 1967?

Are we not moral and ethical members of society?

Can we handle the truth and do so with integrity?

Now we as “other nations” reduce them to three percent by unlawful means such as “terra nullius”, massacres, assimilations, dispossession, stolen generations etc, and subject them to worse health outcomes, poor education, no employment or housing opportunities.

Millions of dollars spent in their name went to the pockets of us “other nations”.

Rich institutions like the miners, banks continue to enjoy their exploitative behaviour.

To be invited to share in the rich culture of our First Nation is a privilege I do not wish to miss.

Morally and ethically it is the right thing to do.

General Practitioner,
Coffs Harbour.

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