OPINION: Cancellation of Australia Day citizenship ceremony is un-Australian

DEAR News Of The Area,

IT has been revealed in the media that the City of Coffs Harbour is one of 81 councils (four last year!) across NSW to refuse to conduct Australian citizenship ceremonies and certificates on Australia Day 2024!

This act of perfidious, anti-Australian wokeness is a dual insult by the council of Coffs Harbour -kept very quiet – to all Australians and to those who have chosen a better life in Australia, have completed the process of application to become an Australian Citizen, and been approved and accepted for Australian citizenship!

If the incumbent council refuses to welcome new citizens, then I am sure other patriotic Australians will guarantee that these new Australians will be welcomed by patriotic Australians, including members of the Veteran community and possibly, serving members of the ADF.

I am a Vietnam Veteran and I am disgusted by this council’s un-Australian policy in the nation where my ancestors served in two world wars overseas to secure peace for our nation and for those we served to defend!

I ask, in the wake of the woke council, that Australian patriots, veterans and ADF personnel work together in the next few days to secure a venue (possibly an RSL Club) for the presentation and welcoming ceremony for our new Australians!

I am sure that all patriotic Australians and the new Australians in our wonderful part of our nation will remember this event at the next election.

Advance Australia!

I can be contacted for the purpose of organising the Citizenship Ceremony for Coffs Harbour at peterblack45@gmail.com.

Thank you!

(I am NOT a member of ANY political party)

Peter BLACK,

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