OPINION: Climate will change under natural influences

DEAR News Of The Area,

Warren Tindall cites headlines of the past 40 years as “proofs” of an all-encompassing climate change disaster (NOTA 29/12/23).

Without further information I assume he is referring to reports of extreme weather events. If that is what he is indeed referring to, that does not constitute proof.

There have always been extreme weather events and always will be.

Is his idea of proof any event that is reported in the papers?

As much as he may wish it to be, climate is not static but is dynamic and will change under natural influences.

The rocks and ice of this planet contain evidence of millions of years of climate change. That being the case, where does he draw the line on what he believes should be the “normal” climate?

For instance, should it be the climate during the most recent major climate change event, “the Little Ice Age” (1300-1850), when average temperatures were much colder than today?

Should it be the climate during the Medieval Warm Period when temperatures were warmer than today?

Or do we just accept the climate of the last 100 years to be the norm forever?

Mr Tindall draws a long bow when he goes on to suggest that it is illiterate people who don’t believe in CO2 induced climate change.

I would have thought the opposite to be true, that illiterate persons would more readily accept what they are told, for they would lack the ability to verify the veracity of what they are told.

Whereas, a person who read copiously on the subject of climate change, would come to the same conclusion as myself, that CO2 induced climate change is a fallacy.


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  1. Dear Wayne, could you please provide the extensive list of your qualifications in the science of Climate. I think I would rather listen to evidence and studies conducted by SCIENTISTS that have spent their entire working lives in the SCIENCE of climatology…rather than asking Dutton/Littleproud/Morrison/Abbott/any LNP member what he thinks is the cause of the changing climate

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