OPINION: Candidates for Oxley

DEAR News of the Area,

On Wednesday 22 February I attended the ‘Meet the Candidates’ event at Bowraville to gain an early insight into those running for office in the upcoming NSW state election for the Oxley electorate.

Listening to all six candidates speak about their reasons and qualifications for politically representing our beautiful area including Wauchope, Kempsey, Nambucca, Dorrigo, Bellingen, and all else in between, I was very pleased to know that at least one of those candidates has the ability and sensible qualities to steer us forward during difficult times.

That candidate is Michael Kemp.

It gave me much hope and confidence to know that Michael has stepped up to commit himself to the challenges of politics bringing with him a wide range of experience and knowledge such as being an active RFS volunteer, a dedicated practitioner in physiotherapy, and a veteran who has served with the Royal Australian Air Force both domestically and overseas.

Offering a balanced approach in his views towards the complex nature of the job ahead, including housing, roads, education, crime and the environment, and not overlooking his connection to land and country being a valued farmer and family man, I have no doubt that Michael has what is needed to be our next representative in the NSW Parliament.

I look forward to seeing Michael again along the campaign trail and hearing more about his positive ideas in building a strong and prosperous community.

Oxley electorate voter.

2 thoughts on “OPINION: Candidates for Oxley

  1. Adam, Michael’s personal qualities may be worthy but his association with political criminals is untenable. There is nothing good for the residents of Oxley in sending a political pawn to represent our interests. Not only is their party a minor partner in a corrupt coalition, it is likely that they will lose the election. The only candidate who shows actual interest in a viable future is the green candidate, Dominic King.

    1. Have to agree with David . Each electorate has to now consider ‘people v party’ . A connection with a major party overrides the voice for their individual electorate , regardless of the quality of that individual.

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