OPINION: Voting for the future

DEAR News Of The Area,

I COMMEND Lesley Carroll (NOTA Opinion, 2$ February) for her actions in recycling and solar to address climate change: every little bit helps.

However, I invite her to take a look at the bigger picture.

We need to elect parliamentarians who will take action on climate change on our behalf and on behalf of the whole planet.

We face a dire crisis and measuring our standard by the lowest common denominator is not going to prompt measures to help save us from catastrophic bushfires and mega-floods.

Those who do survive the climate Armageddon that will engulf us if states fail to act will not be ordinary people like you and me.

We also face an extinction crisis as Australia has a shameful record in allowing species to disappear – the worst mammalian record in the world!

Pull at one thread of the vast, complex, interconnected web of life and it begins to unravel.

Ecosystems are collapsing.

Many people don’t see the harm that is being done.

People don’t see the annihilation of our forests that sequester carbon and harbour our unique wildlife wrought by Forestry Corporation – at taxpayers’ expense!

Forestry Corp always leaves a screen of trees on the edge of the devastation so one may drive by without noticing the carnage.

With regard to the bypass, I refer you to Ashley Love’s informative letter (NOTA Opinion, 24 February).

The solution is to vote for the candidates who will champion our land and community, who will fulfill our moral responsibility to our children and grandchildren to leave a world in which they can live.

Vote Greens and Animal Justice Party in the lower and upper houses on 25 March.

Eungai Creek.

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