OPINION: Constituents being taken as mugs and used by Dutton

DEAR News Of The Area,

DID any of your readers question Dutton on what alternative he would offer to solar or wind generated power in terms of sustainable energy?

Does he propose a “small” nuclear reactor (SRN) down at Nelson Bay?

Ask him that, he may advise he could provide energy from a SNR in a decade or so with the cost being about eight times the cost of sustainable energy.

Do you know there are only two operating in the world, one in Russia the other in China and they ain’t small?

Did he tell you where to dispose of the used uranium?

Dutton is a FIFO politician lobbing in to incite and build fear in your community.

Once he has used you for his own political gain, he won’t want to deal with you again.

You are being manipulated and taken as mugs or fools, words he uses regularly.

Northern Beaches.

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