OPINION: Cycleway concerns in Woolgoolga

DEAR News Of The Area,

I AM a very unhappy and angry resident of Woolgoolga.

Council’s decision to spend much needed money (for other projects) on a cycleway which runs for approximately 400 to 500 metres is a disgrace.

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I have travelled most parts of the east coast of Australia, Tasmania and quite a few countries around the world and have never seen any roadwork as ugly as this.

The entrance into our town is now unsightly and confusing.

The most important part is the safety issue.

Turning left or right into Bultitude Street is dangerous for both cars and bike riders.

The banking-up (back up) of traffic that can occur at this intersection could be huge, especially at holiday time.

On this corner is also the entrance and exit to a motel and to the RSL.

The western end starting point of the cycleway at the top of Beach Street, opposite the Seaview Tavern, is also dangerous.

We have already had one accident there with a lady falling off her bike and cutting her face as she was trying to manoeuvre between the bollards.

The area opposite the police station is also unsafe.

Parking which also has become an issue in Woolgoolga has also suffered.

I have spoken to several keen bike riders, and they have told me that they will not use the cycleway.

Paul Amos (Mayor) wrote in a column of this newspaper that councillors should be respected and are worth their weight in gold.

Unfortunately, not yet Mr Amos!

The people of Woolgoolga deserve more than this ugly and unsafe cycle way so people please vent your feelings to the Council and if needed we could organise a peaceful walk along the footpath to protest.

Terry BANKS,

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