OPINION: Does City of Coffs Harbour truly reflect us?

DEAR News Of The Area,

WITH the Council in the dire financial state the public has now become aware of, the question has continually been asked – why on earth the rebranding is still going ahead?

That is definitely a fair question.

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My question though is in who’s right mind was it thought to be okay to rebrand to ‘the ‘City of Coffs Harbour’?

What a way to alienate our village’s even further than they already are.

I wonder how the residents of Ulong or Nana Glen feel about their rates going to a rebrand to the ‘City of Coffs Harbour’?

Was the hijacking of the bushfire recovery grant being used for Brelsford Park not a kick in the guts enough for our small rural towns?

I thought we were trying to present ourselves as an ecotourism destination?

Does ‘City of Coffs Harbour’ really reflect that?

Perhaps if we used local talent instead of some Sydney company to do the creative work we may have at least hit the mark that represents ALL of Coffs Harbour and it’s regions, and at least then the huge amount of money it will cost would go back into our own economy.


One thought on “OPINION: Does City of Coffs Harbour truly reflect us?

  1. No … they do not truly reflect the majority of residents ……. They are typical fools who think that re-arranging the deck chairs will be a good thing.

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