OPINION: I am not a hater for voting no

DEAR News Of The Area,

IN reply to a comment last week from Dianne Hendry.

The heading was ‘Sorry haters, I am voting YES’.

What a sad, sorry person you are Dianne.

To call all No voters ‘Haters’ is so racist you give Yes voters a bad name.

The last time I looked, this is a referendum to be voted on by all, and to be an individual choice. Some people will vote yes and some no, this is the democracy into which I was born.

Letters such as yours will not help the Yes cause.

I have a very good reason to vote No and I am not a ‘Hater’.

Boambee East.

3 thoughts on “OPINION: I am not a hater for voting no

  1. Indigenous can now go to the opera , shows and other events and pay 15/ 25 dollars and the rest of Australians that are not First Nation pay 125 to 150 dollars. Is that not discrimination?

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