OPINION: Offshore wind opportunism

DEAR News Of The Area,

I NOTE that you have extensively covered the offshore wind debate in recent weeks.

In my opinion, you have presented detailed, balanced views on this important regional proposal which has critical national environmental implications.

This is in sharp contrast to the political opportunism by the opposition leader, Peter Dutton, and the National Party’s Barnaby Joyce who have made several visits to the area.

These MPs now express concern over the approval processes as well as possible adverse impacts on whales and dolphins!

In fact, as you pointed out in NOTA, the current government is complying with the former Coalition’s ‘Offshore Electricity and Infrastructure Bill’ which both these politicians supported at the time.

Already the Government, in response to consultation, has substantially reduced the proposal’s footprint including a much greater distance from Port Stephens.

In last week’s NOTA, you noted Greenpeace’s Nelli Stephenson as saying that no peer reviewed study has linked offshore wind to whale deaths.

Ms Stephenson also questioned Mr Dutton’s environmental record and said the spreading of disinformation leads to public confusion.

In fact, extensive environmental studies, involving University of Newcastle experts, are proposed so that informed decisions can be made on this important proposal.

Ill-informed opportunism by politicians seeking cheap votes is not helpful!

Peter SMITH,
Soldiers Point.

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