OPINION: Plaques increasing rapidly at Bonville Headland

DEAR News Of The Area,

REGARDING an article in the 21 April edition of Coffs Coast NOTA regarding memorial plaques at Bonville Headland. Reference is made to “just a handful” and “the dozen or so” memorial plaques.

There are at least 25 of these plaques, and these are increasing at a rapid rate.

In October 2022 there were about fifteen, in January 2022 there were 20, at last count there were 25; and these are just the ones easily seen from the walking track.

In no one’s world is that “a handful” or “a dozen”.

Most of them are relatively new, rather than “having been there for a long time” as reported.

The article states that the council has “strong policies” regarding these plaques, but clearly they are not willing to apply them to this particular location.

Public spaces such as our beautiful headlands are not the place for these memorials; that is what cemeteries are for.


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