Carnival atmosphere at the Orara Valley Dingoes

A carnival atmosphere at the Orara Valley Dingoes.

FOOTBALL was thriving across the North Coast region last weekend as thousands of footballers of all ages took to the field.

Orara Valley Dingoes president Stan Russ was delighted with the carnival atmosphere at their home ground last Saturday.

“It’s taken a lot of effort but we are thrilled about the atmosphere here today in Orara,” he said.

“We had the Mini Roos kicking off at 9am and with a range of age groups through the morning finishing with women’s division two at 1pm and men’s division two at 3pm,” Russ said.

Registrations have been booming at the Dingoes and have already surpassed last year’s levels.

“Registrations have been strong, the season has only just begun, we have lost approx 20 players from last season but gained 35 players so we are net fifteen players up from last year and that will continue to rise.

“We’ve had a big boost in female participation too.

“For the first time in our history we almost fielded a women’s over 30s team but we fell just short.

“But the great thing is some of those ladies have joined our women’s division two team which has bolstered our numbers,” Russ said.

The Orara Valley Dingoes defeated the Coffs United Lionesses 3-0 in women’s division two and the men drew 1-1 with Boambee in the men’s second division.


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