OPINION: Prioritising heart health on a budget

DEAR News Of The Area,

AS we embrace REDFEB, Heart Awareness Month, this February, Heart Research Australia is dedicated to reshaping how Australians approach cardiovascular well-being without causing financial strain.

Beyond our collective effort to raise funds for life-saving research, our goal this year is to shed light on the financial and health implications associated with heart disease, affecting individuals regardless of their financial circumstances.

Heart disease touches the lives of two in three Australians and stands as the leading cause of death.

Prioritising heart health is an investment in both personal well-being and financial stability.

In the midst of escalating living expenses, allocating resources for health might seem like a luxury.

However, overlooking heart health can result in severe financial consequences, impacting wages, work capacity, career advancement, and long-term financial stability.

Knowledge plays a pivotal role in fostering a healthier heart, with eight out of ten cases of premature heart disease and stroke preventable through healthy lifestyle choices.

From heart-healthy, budget-friendly diets to accessible exercise options and stress management techniques, there are numerous practical and cost-effective strategies.

We invite all Australians to explore our free online Heart Hub, offering a wealth of expert advice on cultivating heart-healthy habits.

Research is a lifeline, emphasising Heart Research Australia’s steadfast support for world-class researchers.

This is why we encourage all Australians to wear RED this February and, if possible, extend a helping hand by contributing to fund vital research against heart disease.

For more information on REDFEB, heart health tips, and to contribute to this critical cause, please visit www.heartresearch.com.au.

Nicci DENT,
CEO, Heart Research Australia

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