OPINION: Shattered Dreams

DEAR News Of The Area,

IT would be wonderful if we had a free, fair Australia.

In fact, when I was a child I believed that we did indeed have a country that offered a fair go for all.

I wonder how much Aboriginal history those of us who are now in our retirement years have had the opportunity to read.

We were certainly not taught it at school and growing up, England was the ‘Mother Country’, inspiring undying loyalty in our young hearts.

The reality was, and still is, that we are a divided country.

The crowded gaols including the incarceration of young children, horrifying levels of Aboriginal deaths in custody and so many deaths from domestic violence, nearly always women, that they are not even reported in the media.

This speaks of a situation which would not be tolerated in non-Indigenous society.

Tragically, Indigenous led programs which work can be arbitrarily shut down when funding ceases due to a change of government.

It is true that as Des Foley says, there is no plan B for a no vote to the voice (NOTA March 3). For many years Indigenous leaders have been advocating for a voice enshrined in the constitution, that will enable the people who are affected by legislation to take part in the formulation of programs and laws from which they are presently barred.

This speaks to me of inclusiveness, not separateness and is anything but divisive.

No plan B?

Only broken hearts and shattered dreams.

Margaret ENGLAND,

2 thoughts on “OPINION: Shattered Dreams

  1. Exposed: The Government’s Deceptive Claims About Indigenous Voices in Parliament
    Don’t be fooled by Anthony Albanese’s lies – Indigenous Australians DO have a say in our government. In fact, indigenous voices arguably hold more power than most. The National Indigenous Australians Agency, for instance, is set to receive a staggering 4.5 billion dollars in taxpayer funding this year, and it already performs most – if not all – of the functions proposed by Anthony Albanese’s discriminatory race-based Voice proposal.
    What’s even more alarming is that the government’s own ministers seem to be clueless about the extent of funding this agency receives.
    It’s time to take a stand. We’re already paying billions to these indigenous Voices, and if they’re not delivering, why should we lock them into our constitution? Join us in the fight against government deception and corporate greed. Vote No to Albanese’s race-based Voice to parliament.

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