OPINION: Stage two issues at the Boat Ramp

DEAR News Of The Area,

HAVING just gone online to look at the stage two design of the Coffs Harbour Boat Ramp I can just imagine how unhappy the boaties are going to be when it’s complete.

For example did they know their fish cleaning tables are relocated to beside the shoreline.

Will fishermen throw their fish frames into the ocean thus attracting sharks into the harbour?

They don’t show a water line to the fish cleaning table or where the excess effluent goes but I presume it flows to the storm water pipe nearby and into the harbour.

Did they know they’ll now have to park nose in and reverse out with their trailer between other cars and trailers to retrieve their boats.

Worse if they park in the grass spillover parking spots, they’ll have to back out against the main road traffic.

It gets worse the more you look at it.

A 10 metre road to turn a 12 metre boat and trailer at a sharp angle.

If your boat and trailer is longer than 12 metres, which many are, you need to park somewhere else.
Then there’s the sharp exit turns getting out of the car park.

But who knows, in six months time when the sand pumping system has failed they might not have to park there because they can’t get their boat out through the channel.

Thank god the LNP are not still in charge of the pro high rise in the public recreation area on the foreshore.
Who knows what mischief they could have caused.

Peter LEWIS,
Park Beach.

2 thoughts on “OPINION: Stage two issues at the Boat Ramp

  1. This whole boat ramp ‘upgrade’ has been a major WOFTAM since it was even conceived. Blind Freddy could see that sand drift was to be a major problem before the wall was extended and within 3-4 months we had a new extended beach in the southern corner. We have had the dredge fighting a losing battle and now sand suction pumps just to add to the cost. As Peter pointed out there will now be even more problems with parking. Rip the extended the wall up and go back to square one before the money pit becomes even more extreme or introduce a user pays system…about $10,000 per launching should cover it.

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