OPINION: Sustainable Food

DEAR News Of The Area,

THE Greens vision for a sustainable food system (as outlined in NOTA, March 10) should be welcomed as a positive approach to ultimately ending food waste in NSW.

Another big issue though – here on the Coffs Coast and elsewhere – is the existence of big agricultural companies exploiting our land for food products grown for overseas markets.

The steamrolling of our ecosystems is happening under the guise of the failed ‘free trade’ system.

Often, these companies have little ethical framework regarding which countries they are to be trading with, just so long as they can ‘make a buck’.

Our beautiful Coffs Coast environment deserves greater regulation when it comes to shareholder-focused environmental cowboys within the agricultural sector.

The Greens focus on sustainable agriculture will hopefully also be combined with a strengthening policy framework around an end to insatiable demand driven by endless human population growth – both here and overseas – and hopefully a reassessment of this diabolical free-trade system that we’re subjected to.


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