OPINION: Thank you Beachside Radiology!

DEAR News Of The Area,

IN the process of taking my wife to Beachside Radiology last Friday, 5 April, I tripped on the gutter and fell heavily on the footpath in the rain.

Michael from Beachside came to the rescue with a wheelchair to take me inside, where I was attended to by two beautiful ladies.

They cleaned blood from face, hands and knees then applied bandages.

By this time my wife had completed her X-rays.

On their advice and with the aid of a wheelchair and back door exit we were able to take ourselves off to the ED at the hospital.

After X-rays, scans and blood tests we were able to go home free of worries regarding concussion, brain bleeds and broken bones, except a broken nose, two black eyes, grazed forehead and a smashed knee.

I am very appreciative of the care received from the Base Hospital and Beachside Radiology staff.

I was ‘flabbergasted’ on Monday to receive a call from Beachside Radiology who were checking up on my progress after the accident.

Thank you Alex and thank you Beachside Radiology.

Tom and Kath MAGINNITY,
Coffs Coast.

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