OPINION: The legacy of Jetty Dunecare

DEAR News Of The Area,

I ATTENDED the 40th birthday celebration for Jetty Dunecare on Saturday.

I missed my opportunity to express my gratitude at the event so express it here.

Coffs Harbour is so fortunate for all the work Jetty Dunecare has done over the last 40 years to regenerate a healthy and rich dunal vegetation ecosystem.

It is a beautiful tapestry of plants that as it matures has been enriched with life.

We can see all sorts of wildlife in the dunes including wallabies, tawny frogmouths and their babies, frogs and carpet pythons.

It brings such joy to share this with my family and friends.

It also brings welcome shade and protection from wind and is beautiful to look at and to walk through.

It is one of the striking, unique and celebrated things about Coffs Harbour that we have a rich dunal vegetation system in our central urban beach.

No other city I know of has this!

I am so grateful for the hard work of Jane Ireland who founded Jetty Dunecare, Desnee McCosker who has supported it voluntarily for decades and Lindy Davis who enthusiastically carries it forward.

Plus all the countless workers and volunteers over many years who have gifted us this legacy.

Thank you!

Coffs Harbour.

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