OPINION: Time to confront the bigger problem

DEAR News Of The Area,

I WRITE in relation to the March 2023 IPCC climate report “survival guide for humanity” final warning.

Now that we have everyone’s attention on global warming, it’s time to confront the bigger problem.

In a fossil-fuel world, control of oil and gas reserves are the catalyst for conflict, military expansion and corporate might with political clout.

The fossil fuel industry along with the associated arms industry has become the most destructive war machine the world has ever seen.

Energy wars are about plunder that murder and displace millions and destroy entire nations.

With CO2 induced weather extremes escalating and rising sea levels from melting of the global ice reservoir, going to war over fossil fuel is nothing short of collective insanity.

Take a look at the oil and gas field maps in Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine and the South China Sea as a few examples of the real driver behind 21st century warfare.

If we burn all the fossil fuel we are fighting over we lose everything worth saving.

To stop the wars and, as a bonus, save us from catastrophic climate change we need awareness.

Then we need political action to remove the demand for fossil fuel with a rapid transition to renewable clean energy.


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