OPINION: We all lost

DEAR News Of The Area,

I WOULD like to acknowledge the Gumbaynggirr peoples who have been part of this beautiful land for many thousands of years.

I would like to thank the Gumbaynggirr people for sharing their land and its natural treasures with us.

I would like to acknowledge the hurt that has gone on for over 235 years and the recent events that have caused more pain.

It has been a tough nine months and a lot has happened and I don’t think it is a matter of whether you are Aboriginal, non-Aboriginal, voted yes, no or abstained.

We all lost.

Not from the well-intended referendum or its question which was done with a spirit of good will towards Aboriginal peoples.

But, what we learnt about our country.

Uncle Micklo gave some advice by saying “We need to come together and move forward”.

I am not sure how to do that, yet, and I hope it is alright to share some sentiments with local songwriter Kym Pitman and say I also believe that every drop in the ocean makes a difference, every stroke of a brush on a painting makes a difference, the first cry of a newborn baby makes a difference, and every hand extended in friendship makes a difference.

We all can make a difference.

I look forward to walking together as one with Aboriginal peoples.


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