OPINION: We don’t want wind farms off our coast

DEAR News Of The Area,

I REFER to your recent publication of a letter from Leigh Shears,’Hunter Offshore Wind Farm brings prosperity’.

Leigh Shears makes a compassionate argument in support for this project.

However, the argument being prosecuted by Leigh Shears on behalf of the union movement appears to focus on jobs and workers first, without addressing environment impacts, community concerns and the practicality of construction issues as well as capital cost and the returns on that investment the owners of the project expect.

This project will have no immediate impact on lowering energy cost to consumers.

It may be argued that over time benefits may be realised but the lifespan and ongoing maintenance will negate any benefits.

Leigh Shears seems, to me, to be at odds with the values and ideals of past union leaders (Jack Mundy et al), who stood for sensible environmental sustainability through the Green Bans of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

We don’t want wind farms off our coast.


2 thoughts on “OPINION: We don’t want wind farms off our coast

  1. Wholesale Energy Costs have already dropped dramatically as a result of renewable energy infrastructure.
    The greater cost to our environment is presented by Climate Change impacts, not renewable energy.
    You are not speaking for me when you are saying we don’t want these off our coasts.
    Stop Coal Fired Power, Stop Shipping off our coastline, or stop using Energy before calling for a stop to renewables.

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