Pacific Dunes Golf Results

Weekly Comp Results
Week Ending 30/10/16
Wednesday Mens Individual S’ Ford

A Grade: G Valler 37, J Hook 35 c/b, D Anderson 35 c/b, T McNiff 35, S Amiet 34 c/b
B Grade: B Spooner 39, T Creigh 36, G Lee 35, S Martin 34, B Black 33c/b;
NTP 5th D Ayre, NTP 10th G Tarren, NTP 14th D Senter

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Club Championships:
Overall Winner A Grade M Rota 227 (76, 76, 75)
Overall Winner B Grade R McCallum 272 (91, 83, 98)
Overall Winner C Grade R Simons 280 (89, 93, 98)

A Grade J Peut 71, B Pitt 78, S Oxley 79
B Grade K Dunn 68, C Cottier 69, D Lucas 73

Overall Winner A Grade Di Leahy 283 (93, 97, 93)
Overall Winner B Grade Jo Nunn 334 (112, 115, 107)
Overall Winner C Grade Jenny Kelly 84 (33, 20, 31)

B Randell 78, M Mann 82, L Stuart 83 c/b, J Nunn 83

M Edwards 36, J Mann 35, M Lewis 34c/b, D Linde 34c/b, J Whitbread 34
NTP 8th J Whitbread, NTP 14th G Crossman, NTP 17th G Trappel, NTP 14th Pro Pin M Hampson

M Airey 35, M Wall 31, M Carthew 30
NTP 5th M Wall, NTP 14th B Koppman
Sunday Individual S’ Ford
Ladies: L A Hackett 29, B Forster 28, R Wallace 25; NTP 5th & 14th L A Hackett
Men: B Randell 35, R Wallace 34 c/b, Z Leach 34; NTP 5th B Randell, NTP 14th Z Leach

Pacific Dunes

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