Weight loss leads to life enjoyment gain for Ann-Marie Stott Lucas

Ann-Marie now, with her trainer Jackie.
Ann-Marie now, with her trainer Jackie.

When Ann-Marie Stott Lucas attended a specialist appointment and had to be weighed, she stepped on the clinic scales and was shocked to see the number in front of her.

She realised her weight had gotten out of control, and she desperately needed to make some changes for herself, and her family.

When she heard there was a new gym set to open in Medowie that she could attend at times that suited her and pace herself, she joined immediately.

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Ann-Marie began with a session once a week, then moved to twice a week as her confidence grew.
She now attends the gym every other day or more, and does regular classes and personal training sessions with her trainer, Jackie Kelly.

Ann-Marie shared with News Of The Area that she has, to date, lost a total of 35kg and is still going strong.
Ann-Marie puts her success down to her strong willpower, a change in portion sizes, giving up soft drink and cordial, and having a wonderful relationship with her trainer.

Ann-Marie said, “I am so much happier, more confident and people are noticing.”
“ I constantly set small goals, stick to them, and smash them, then set new higher ones and go again!”

“My trainer Jackie has inspired me, she makes me want to work harder and believes that I can do it, that’s so important to be able to succeed.”

Plus Fitness trainer, Jackie Kelly, spoke to News Of The Area about Ann-Marie, and the fulfillment she gets from her work.

“As a trainer there is nothing that we love more then to see somebody make the decision to come in and start their fitness journey and watch them change their entire life with not only a whole new Outlook on fitness but an entire new mindset and healthy lifestyle that then trickles down through their life impacting not just on them but also the people around them.”

“Watching somebody break out of their shell with a new found confidence and new lease on life is something that I will always feel honoured to be a part of.”

“Ann-Marie has made an amazing change for her life, and I am so proud of her and being on this journey with her.”
Congratulations Ann-Marie on your hard work, we look forward to following your progress.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

Ann-Marie before she began her fitness journey.
Ann-Marie before she began her fitness journey.

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  1. Congratulations Anne-Marie!
    I have noticed you in Coles and thought “wow, she is looking good!” I knew you have lost weight, but 35kg!!!! That”s phenomenal!!
    Keep up the great work! I will need to have a chat with you next time I am in.

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