Park Beach Mens Bowling Club

Bruce Nicholson Pennant Player of the Year with President Graham Power.

MINOR Singles Semi-Finals

D Wilson d R Finch 25 – 12

P Hall d S Campbell 27 – 8

Consistency Singles Quarter-Finals

M Proud d S Bailey 151 – 89

R Finch d P Rambow 154 – 115

Tuesday Open Triples 30/05/2023

G Williams, R Beaumont, R Shephard d J Odmark, B Odmark, R Aitken 19 – 11

R Wisely, M Star, J Brett d M Miller, B Worboys, I Trengove 25 – 20

T Gordon,J Phillips, C Jones d J Smith, B Jobson, B Profter 32 – 14

R Jupp, C Sheridan, M Monck d G Skinner, L Boekeman, K Morrison 18 – 17

M Ross, A Pritchard, J Groat d B Spuce, J Thornton, G Flakelar 19 – 14

P Booth, S Crawford, R Kelly d C Williamson, A Stone, R Lane 17 – 14

D Catling, J Bishop, R Host d C McLeod, A Dorrington, D Hull 31 – 11

S Jones, S McAviney, B Nicholson d W Moore, J Clarke, R Douglas 21 – 17

C Treharne, S Campbell, M Berube d C Keogh, N McVicar, R Oakley 25 – 16

P Woodsell, E Crestani, L Morris d D Murray, M Woodcroft, W Woodcroft 35 – 6

J Camm, J Long, J Long d B Kelly, P McLachlan, C Weatherall 19 – 12

Thursday Mens Triples 1/06//2023

R Ryan, G Palaster, G Cunningham d S Jones, P McLachlan, R Shephard 21 – 16

P Woodsell, J Bennett, L Morris d C McLeod, N Dean, P Newman 18 – 8

P Jenkins, G Howard, D Hyde d G Flynn, I Trengove, M Clark 18 – 17

B Cornelis, D Francis, T Gordon drew R Finch, M Lee, N Condon 21 – 21

C Lloyd, D Condon d J Lowndes, R Oakley 20 – 16

T O’Halloran, A Dorrington, D Hull d J Eding, J Thornton, G Flakelare 28 – 21

A Tylor, M Benham, B Trotman d B Edwards, C Fred, K Morrison 18 – 15

C Williamson, D Burridge, M McCabe d J Cam, J Long, R Aitken 24 – 20

S Kindred, S Bloomfield, G Kindred d G Williams, R Beaumont, B Kelly 19 – 16

W Moore, L Miles, S Campbell d D Murray, A Pritchard, R Douglas 26 – 25

L Frail, D Catling, B Garner d M Miller, M Star, J Brett 29 – 10

M Berube, S Crawford, P Rambow d N McVicar, B Worboys, J Murtas 42 – 10

B Spruce, L Heenan, I Miles d P Booth, R Host, J Bishop 27 – 7

Saturday Social Pairs 3/06//2023

D Stinton, L Boekeman d D Lawson, D Holland 15 – 10

J Clarke, R Douglas d W Moore, R McWhy 15 – 9

T Erskine, K Morrison d G Williams, R Oakley 22 – 11

J Slater, K Cutmore d G Flakler, G Flakler 13 – 12

N Dean, D Burbidge d S Thornton, J Thornton 23 – 10

G Staunton-Latimer, R Lane d K Williams, R Hollaway 21 – 9

Three big events coming to Park Beach Bowling Club in July. The leading bowlers from around Australia, including a number of Australian representatives and local club champions will compete.

Phoenix Open Pairs 4 – 7 July

Aleta & Co Womens Masters Pairs 8 – 9 July

Watsons Mixed Pairs 11/12 July

Visiting Players are most welcome at Park Beach Bowling Club with Social Bowls played 6 days a week, greens are closed on Monday. You can register for free coaching on a Saturday morning at the Club reception.
Fantastic end of year pennant party and Pennant Player of the Year Awards night last night!

Congratulations to our inaugural Pennant Player of the Year Bruce “Nicko” Nicholson! (Also Grade 7 winner)

Congrats to our other grade winners:
Grade 2: Chris Sheridan
Grade 3: Mandi Monck and Kim Kaaden
Grade 4: Brendon Clarke
Grade 6: Lyndy McLeod
Grade 7: Bruce Nicholson


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