Park Beach Women’s Bowling Club

Sue Hancock, a long time member of Park Beach club, as our umpire for the Club Pairs Championships- always giving of her time for these events.

RESULTS for Club Championships Pairs on Tuesday 20 September:

P. Poulton & D. Walsh def Y. Schmidt & V. Slater 18-16 ; C. Irvine & J. Bishop def V. Maher & S. Betts 18-16; d. Hargreaves & J. Slater def C. Dodds & J. Woodford 21-10; M. Gudgeon & C. Garrett def K. Dunn & B. Bodel 19-18.

Club Championships 2nd round 27th September:- P. Poulton & D. Walsh def C. Irvine & J. Bishop 25-11; D. Hargreaves & J. Slater def C. Keogh & C. Treharne 39-10; V. Valentine & A. Monck def M. Gudgeon & C. Garrett 29-9; K. Frail & Z. Knight def A. Worboys & S. Stirling 25-22; D. Doyle & L. Clancy def B. White & D. Peake 25-10; T. Welsh & K. Cutmore def J. Kennedy & T. Rhodes 18-16; C. Venturi & P. Russell def J. Farrell & L. Loadsman 30-11.

Club championships third Round 29 September:

E. Denner & C. Sheridan & V. Valentine & M. Monck 23-18; P. Poulton & D. Walsh def D. Hargreaves & J. Slater 29-19; K. Frail & Z. Knight def D. Doyle & L. Clancy 24-13; T. Welsh & K. Cutmore def C. Venturi & P. Russell 18-11.

Social Bowls 28 September: A. Taylor, P. Poulton, E. Banton def A. Sykes, A. McConachy, J. Farrell 30-19; M. Gudgeon, A. Stone, K. Blow def P. Fletcher, C. Kershaw, D. Jones 17-16; J. Rodwell, D. Walsh, D. Futcher D. C. Treharne, C. Keogh, J. Clarke 24-15; G. Latimer-Staunton, D. Robinson, T. Rhodes def H. Hardwick, M. England, C. Garrett 32-14; H. Illingsworth, V. Maher, B. Bodel, S. Hancock def C. Taylor, J. Kennedy, B. Jones, L. Loadsman 18-12; R. Lincol, C. Dodds, D. Peake, def E. Denner, C. Jones, Y. Schmidt 26-14; B. White, M. Phillips, J. Slater def P. Nolan, T. Welsh, S. Betts 26-21; C. Sheridan, K. Dunn, V. Slater def A. Worboys, A. Orr, S. Stirling 26-16.

The Regional Pennants Playoffs will be held at Yamba Bowling Club on the 17-18 October, our Park Beach club will have Grades one, two, three and four all participating in this event after a clean sweep of District Pennants events.

Wishing good bowling to our girls.


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