Park Beach Women’s Bowling Club

Chris and Elaine.

CHRIS Sheridan and Elaine Denner played Zeta Knight and Kerry Frail in the final of the Club Championship Pairs.

The score came down to the last end where Chris needed one to win and got two shots.

Final score C Sheridan, E Denner def Z Knight, K Frail 19/18

Results from Friday 30 September Open Pairs:

R Bailey, V Slater def C Lloyd, R Coffey 25/10.
S Bailey, D Walsh def D Hargraves, Y Schmidt 26/3.
S Campbell, C Treharne def K Dunn, L Loader 19/15.
J Rodwell, M Starr def C Venturi, J Kennedy 17/16.
G Staunton-Latimer, G Duffey def E Kidd, C England 24/13.
P Lilly, H Slater def M Holding, J Phillips 25/15.
V Maher, S Betts def D Futcher, P Russell 24/12.

Results from Friday 7 October Open Pairs:

S Stirling, J Slater def P Poulton, E Kidd 25/13.
C Irvine, J Bishop def D Nutchey-Robinson, M Muscat 20/14.
T Rhodes, G Duffey def J Rodwell, M Starr 15/12.
L Loadsman, K Dunn def C Venturi, J Kennedy 23/17.
G Staunton-Latimer, G Charmers def C Treharne, S Campbell 29/14.
C Lloyd, S Bailey, D Walsh drew with M Holding, R Coffey, J Phillips 14/14.
T Welsh, C Garrett drew with C Jones, C Jones 18/18.
M Berube, H Slater def D Futcher, P Russell 22/12.
R Oakley, V Slater def M England, C England 37/9.
T Monck, M Monck def A Worboys, L McLeod 23/8.
R DeMeio, M DreMeio def D Hargraves, Y Schmidt 17/7.

Good luck to the Grade 2, 3 and 4 Pennants Teams travelling to Yamba next week.


Chris and Elaine with Zeta and Kerry.

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