Past Student Becomes The Teacher at Medowie Christian School

Teacher, Sarah Pass teaching literacy to student, Josiah Hays.
Teacher, Sarah Pass teaching literacy to student, Josiah Hays.

MEDOWIE Christian School, which has expanded significantly since it began over twenty years ago, has grown from a primary school of 41 students to now offering Kindergarten-Year 12 with over 400 students attending the local independent school.

Having been in operation for the past two decades, there is now a considerable amount of past students, or alumni, who have experienced successes in their post-school life.

In the past couple of years, within the graduating year 12 class, students have sought a variety of pursuits such as studying psychology at university, direct entry into the Australian Defence Force, entry into the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), and other career pathway options.

Principal Mr Simon Herd emphasises the importance of having flexible options for high school students, telling News Of The Area, “We are committed to providing flexible learning options because the schools is preparing students for life beyond the school fence; for work now and in the future.”

Ms Jackie Hays, Marketing Coordinator of the school told Medowie News Of The Area, “In the last couple of years, we have gone up to year 12 and there are many students with a clear focus of what they want to do.”

“Our current marketing approach for the school askscurrentand prospective students ‘Got Dreams?’ and we mean what we ask; we want to nourish those dreams…and what students aspire to do.”

Sarah Pass (previously Cork) is one such former student who followed her dreams by graduating as a school teacher.

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A University of Newcastle 2015 primary school teacher graduate and former Medowie Christian School student, Ms Pass has returned to where she began her education by teaching at the school.

When asked what motivated her decision to become a school teacher, Ms Pass told Medowie News Of The Area, “I love being able to have a relationship with children that is meaningful.”

“I love learning and it’s a lovely environment to teach in.”

Having undertaken her student-teacher practicums at Grahamstown, Narrabri West, and Irrawang Public Schools; and combined with a Special Education major, Ms Pass says these experiences have given her “a range of skills to meet students where they are at and support them individually.”


By Heather SHARP

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