Pedestrian safety solution at Wanda Beach

Mick Eccleston, Hugh Wedesweiler, Deputy Mayor Leah Anderson, Ross Adamson and Robyn O’Toole.

ADDRESSING concerns of pedestrian welfare, a new solution is being employed at the Wanda Beach shopping precinct in Salamander Bay to ensure residents of nearby retirement villages can reach the local shops in safety.

Port Stephens Council Deputy Mayor Leah Anderson, who sits on the Council’s Traffic Committee, told NOTA the committee had been working hard on safety improvements for the residents of Salamander Haven Retirement Village.

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“The first win being the extension of the 40 kilometre per hour (kph) zone to the main entrance to the Village on Diemars Road.

“The Safety and Welfare Subcommittee was thrilled that I was able to advocate to Transport for NSW and have the 40km zone extended.

“I am also working on a pedestrian crossing down near the village, as the current pedestrian crossing is a long way up the other end of the shopping strip.

“It has been signed off by the Traffic Committee and has been placed on the (Council’s) Capital Works Program for 2024/2025.

“It is so important for our community, and for the residents of Salamander Haven Retirement Village, that we ensure they are safer with vehicles slowing to 40km where residents are crossing Diemars Road, and to provide a new pedestrian crossing at this end of the shopping strip for safety when crossing to go to the doctors, pharmacy, and local shops.”

The Safety and Welfare Subcommittee of the Stage 2 Apartments at Salamander Haven Retirement Village has thanked Ms Anderson for her support.

“Through her actions we achieved an extension of the 40kph traffic zone from Soldiers Point Road along Diemars Rd, Salamander Bay,” Mick Eccleston said.

“The 40kph zone now extends to the main entrance of the village at 60 Diemars Road,” he said.

This solution will not only be of benefit to the Salamander Haven Retirement Village but also the nearby Homestead Village and other local residents.


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