Photography and Art Exhibition

ART EXHIBITION: Led by Art Teacher Lyn Blake.
ART EXHIBITION: Led by Art Teacher Lyn Blake.


BUSY times for members of the Myall University of the Third Age (U3A) based in Hawks Nest.

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The group recently held its annual Art and Photography Exhibition showcasing months of hard work and plenty of talent.

“The exhibition included the work of new and experienced artists whose creativity is a tribute to the efforts of Art Teacher Lyn Blake and Photography Teacher Andrew Sillar,” Lyn Chaikin said.

“The exhibition is all about showcasing the work of all the artists and showing the various skills which they have accumulated during the year and sharing the finished product with the community and not so much about sales, “Lyn Blake said.

With that said, “One new Art Student, Mary Knight made two sales.” Lyn Chaikin said.

“Her paintings were polished and emotive and it was exciting to see the new artists making such a contribution to the group.”

Lyn added, “Andrew Sillar’s Photography Exhibition was truly exciting and it was really inspiring to follow the progress of many of the photographers who have made an interesting journey since they started in the Photography classes.”

“Their work was detailed and fresh with many different themes and news takes on subjects.”

U3A Art classes are held every Monday during school terms and Photography classes are held every second and fourth Thursday of the month during school terms at The Hawks Nest Community Hall. Several professional workshops are conducted each year and beginners are welcome.

The 4th Term of Myall U3A Presentations starts on Friday 19 October at 10am in the Old Library in Hawks Nest.

The first lecture will be “Conspiracy Theories, Real or Imagined”, presented by Neil Renfree.

Lyn said, “Please come along to the Presentation to gather information about our classes in Art, Theatre, Garden Club, Friends of Film, Writers Group, Reading for Pleasure, Choir, Fitness, French Language and Culture, Photography and Balance Exercises.

For enquiries you can email,, or phone 4007 2171.




PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION: Led by Photography Teacher Andrew Sillar.
PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION: Led by Photography Teacher Andrew Sillar.

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