Pindimar boardwalk repairs underway, but a ways to go

The main bridge looks good with its new composite surface and underlying hardwood supports.

THE boardwalk at Pindimar is undergoing much-needed repair.

The makeshift plywood patches have been exchanged for a more solid composite grating material that should withstand the local conditions better than the old wooden ones.

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Some sections have been entirely rebuilt, with new pylons driven into the creek bed, a stark contrast to what was barely holding on before.

“We understand that there was an initial underestimation of just how bad the damage was,” Vivien Panhuber,
president of the Pindimar/Bundabah Community Association, told News Of The Area.

“Apparently they have run out of materials, as still roughly 20 percent of the original boardwalk remains, and some caps are also needed on pylons to prevent water ingress,” Ms Panhuber said, flanked by another experienced local.

New recycled plastic decking, new turpentine piles, and hardwood runners underneath the decking have been replaced, but materials to finish the job – particularly of the dimensions required – are globally scarce at the moment.

Observers have expressed hope the project does not fall into limbo, suggesting it could.

MidCoast Council told NOTA dispassionately, that “repairs and maintenance of community infrastructure is carried out on a priority basis and the Pindimar Boardwalk reached that status”.

In a major bushfire the boardwalk could be the only way out for Pindamar or Bundabah locals.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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