Pindimar Bundabah community ‘Around the World’ trivia night fun for all

England, a table full of royals.

GLOBAL trivia made for the warmest winter night, as the people of Pindimar, Bundabah and surrounds gathered at the fire station for their ‘Around the World’ trivia event on Saturday, 8 July.

The theme was beautifully buttressed by the cornucopia of costumes and delicious delicacies, ensuring a successful, good-natured and energetic night for all.

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The USA, Mexico, Scotland, England, Hawaii, France, Ukraine, Greece, Germany, and, of course, Australia were well-represented, with fare ranging from frogs legs to burritos, tzatziki to Tim Tams.

‘Best table’ went to the stunning blue and yellow fashions of Ukraine while Andrew, in genuine Scottish kilt (and sporran) and Sharon’s Queen-themed lederhosen won the two ‘best dressed’ awards, although, in the judge’s defence, there were so many awesome costumes from the likes of England, Hawaii, France, the USA and Mexico that deciding factors had to be unique.

Quiz mistresses, Kathy ‘Pearl’ Gillespie and Kathy ‘Rhonda’ Jones ran ten rounds covering sport, food, animals, history, geography, and more.

Particularly entertaining games included the ‘pin-the-flag-on-the-country’, which may or may not be an indictment upon the education system (especially with so many teachers present), and the ‘closest-to-the-bottle’ coin toss, which brought nearly everyone in the station up for a shot.

Raffle prizes included local donor’s wines, spirits, chocolates, farm-fresh eggs, plants, body butter, macrame, rugs, picnic sets, handmade goods and more.

Special auctions featured Silk Islands’ handmade white-silk kaftans, mystery plants, and an enigmatically unlabelled bottle of ‘schapps’, while Ben Burgess and Doug Gillespie sang heartily throughout the night.

The night’s proceeds will fund future endeavours of the Pindimar-Bundabah Community Association, but considering the real value of many of the raffle and auction lots, it was a very small price to pay for a night full of wholesome fun and community.

The organisers expressed thanks to the Kathies for organising many things and Steve and Claire, who worked tirelessly in the kitchen.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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