Port Stephens Artist Create Inspiring Artwork from 100 Objects

Mayor Ryan Palmer, John de Ridder of COPSY with, Meryl Miller, Judy Jones, , Jeanette Robertson, Marianne Newton, some of the artists that contributed to the work.


PORT’s community is one that is known to care and to make change for the better.

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Recently 3 community groups came together to achieve just that.

The jupiter Consulting Rooms located within the Tomaree Library complex in Salamander Bay required soundproofing due to the noise interference being located alongside 100.9 Port Stephens FM Radio and Salamander Child Care Centre.

The COPSY Board applied to Port Stephens Council to have their rooms soundproofed.

Patrick Connaughton, of Connaughton Building, donated his expertise, time and materials to COPSY to enable the soundproofing.

Meanwhile artists at Port Stephens Community Arts Centre were approached to paint a mural at the childcare centre adjacent to the consulting rooms.

Teaming together Meryl Miller, Marianne Newton and Judy Jones developed a brief for the collaborative project that ties into the Mambo Wetlands, and further encourages pupils at the centre to embrace nature, as well as all the wildlife that are their neighbours.

Artists from the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre were requested to donate a painting reflecting Australian wildlife, insects, plants, rocks, flowers etc. from any paintings they had in their stock of past works.

Meryl Miller told News Of The Area, “Twenty five artists donated their paintings which resulted in a Mural that contains over 100 objects.”

Community collaboration and mutual support is one of the best qualities of living within Port Stephens.

THis one changes a blank brick wall into an interesting and unique artwork.

The Artists felt privileged to be able to provide their works for inspiring our younger generation’s love of art and nature, while their work also serves as providing privacy for youth receiving early intervention on how to embrace their mental wellbeing.

A Card with a picture of the Mural is available for sale at the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre.



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