Port Stephens Koalas rehabilitation for ‘Heather’


Heather resting after much needed rehabilitation.
Heather resting after much needed rehabilitation.

ONE very special Koala has come into care with the dedicated carers at Port Stephens Koalas for some much-needed rehabilitation.

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Heather, a koala from the Tilligerry area, has been known to the carers since 2007.
At that time, she was considered aged, which for a Koala is around nine to ten years old.

Fast forward to 2017 and Heather is still alive, an impressive age for a koala.

Most recently, Heather came into care with poor mobility and climbing strength, in need of rehabilitation.

This rehabilitation has taken place with the team at Noah’s Ark Veterinary Clinic.
Dr Ilona Hudson told News Of The Area, “After three rehab sessions with me and an exercise program with her carers, she was spotted using her front limbs to climb last night.”

“While it is early days and she still needs daily supplementary feeds and a lot of rehabilitation work, this is very promising early news.”

Dr Hudson praised the dedicated team of carers from Port Stephens Koalas.

“I can’t emphasise enough the importance of the work the koala carers do.”

“I can only guide them in the rehabilitation process, they have to do all the work and the results speak for themselves.”

Noah’s Ark veterinary services in Medowie and Nelson Bay have saved hundreds of koalas over the past 20 years.

Drs Don Hudson and Ilona Hudson donate their time and skills to help save the Port Stephens’ koala population, which is vital to the future of the area’s koalas.

If you come across an injured or distressed koala, it is of utmost importance that you seek assistance for the marsupial.

The Port Stephens Koala volunteers can be reached twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, by calling 0418 628 483.

Consider storing the number in your phone for easy access when needed.

Contact them if you are in any doubt of a koala’s well being.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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