Presentation Day at Nambucca Valley Bridge Club

Nambucca Valley Bridge Club Members in action.


THE Nambucca Valley Bridge Club (NVBC) held a Presentation Day on Tuesday 12 October for players undertaking the club’s ‘Learn to Play Bridge Program’.

Back in July, News Of The Area spoke with Program Presenter John Slade and Club President Leonie Harrison about the $2000 grant obtained by the club to instruct people in the art of playing Bridge.

The program started with 24 participants, with 14 graduating the program.

Starting on 10 August, the program was postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions until 14 September when players resumed face-to-face learning.

“I’m very pleased with the number of graduates considering we were put into lockdown at the start of the program,” said John Slade.

During the lockdown period, Program Presenters John Slade and Mike Siford kept participants engaged with the process by virtually providing game plans, information and quizzes to students until they could sit back down at the card tables again.

Mike Siford said, “Graduates received vouchers for the following six club games, and 12 months free membership.”

John Slade conducted the Wednesday evening groups, while Mike Siford catered to the Tuesday group.

Mike has 12 years of Bridge training experience in both Coffs Harbour and the Nambucca Valley.

“This current group of students have been a pleasurable, polite and fun-loving group to teach.

“With more experience they will be very good Bridge players,” said Mike.

Edmund Yong, Michael Paxton, Julianne Cowles, Dominique Wallace, Doris Peters, Audrey Pocock, and Lyndall Edsall were the Program Graduates on Presentation Day.

Graduating student Doris Peters said, “Learning to play Bridge has shown me an opportunity to find something challenging and entertaining, plus the chance to meet new people.”

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