Puppy love mends broken hearts

Patricia, bereft after losing her beloved poodle Monty and having no news of his whereabouts.

MARRYING in their eighties on the bride’s birthday, 9 February, Coffs Probus members Patricia Falco and Richard Elver, were making happy headlines.

Within days the couple were thrown into a dreadful waiting game after the disappearance of their beloved poodle, Monty, and the headlines on social media changed to desperate pleas for any news on their precious pub.

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Five days later, with broken hearts, the couple had confirmation that Monty had been hit by a car, on the overpass by Park Beach Plaza, and had died of his injuries.

“We were devastated,” Richard told News Of The Area, “it changed our lives.”

With Kim Farlow from WIRES in Coffs Harbour supporting the couple with searches and sharing validated information on Facebook, a bond formed between the three of them.

“The family was broken hearted after losing their beloved four-year-old poodle Monty in a tragic set of circumstances,” said Kim.

“The house was not the same, their sadness bad enough but their other dog, Molly (their whippet) was crying, wouldn’t eat and was pining for her friend.

“By some twist of fate, Roxy, a poodle the same colour and age as Monty, was needing a home after her elderly owner could not care for her anymore,” she said.

On seeing the advert on Gumtree, Kim made some arrangements that morning and within the day Roxy had been swept up, introduced to Molly, groomed, vet checked and made comfortable in her new home.

“She took to her new family so quickly it was astounding and was sitting by Patricia on the lounge and following her around the house by the afternoon.”

Richard told NOTA, “She’s a little angel, she’s a member of our family and we adore her.”

Everyone agreed this little girl is a perfect fit for the grieving family.

Kim noted that some people may say that this was too quick or that they should have waited.

“There is no way to replace Monty, he is still very loved and remembered but what better way to honour him than adopting another dog in need,” said Kim.

Patricia is a naturally happy person, but with Monty missing she was distraught.

“It is so good to see that smile back again,” said Kim.

Patricia and Richard would like to thank each and every single member of the community for the outpouring of heartfelt messages, too many to answer.

Kim sends out a huge thank you to the many Coffs Harbour locals who searched tirelessly and those who shared the posts to get the message out.

“For those kind-hearted people who tended to Monty on the roadside that night, there are no words to express our gratitude,” said Kim, Patricia and Richard.


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