Raising money for Salt Ash resident Jade Morgan


'Dig deep!' John Sheppard with some of the collection boxes.
‘Dig deep!’ John Sheppard with some of the collection boxes.

LYME disease is often confused with chronic fatigue syndrome, Ross River virus and other medical conditions which exhibit similar symptoms. These can include a fever, debilitating fatigue, muscle and joint pain and a rash.

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There is still debate within medical circles and the Public Health Department as to whether this condition actually exists in Australia.

Whatever the case, Tilligerry Lions Club has taken up the cause and gone into bat for Jade Morgan from Salt Ash.

Lions member John Sheppard said that Jade, a sufferer of Lyme disease, could greatly improve her quality of life if $10 000 was raised to fund a flight to a Malaysian clinic for treatment.

Jade has been wheelchair bound for some five years with the complaint.

“You will notice collection boxes in our businesses and clubs bearing the banner ‘Help get Jade on the Plane’,” he said.

“We would ask you to give generously to this very worthy cause.”



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