Reduce waste this holiday season

Bellingen High School student Marie Black on work experience at OzGREEN.

ON a mission to create sustainable communities all year round, local environment charity OzGREEN is sharing waste-free creative ideas for the festive period.

Bellingen High School student Marie Black, completing work experience with OzGREEN, took to the challenge of creating a resource offering ten easy and enjoyable ways to reduce waste during the holiday season.

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The resource is now being distributed to cafes and shops throughout Bellingen.

“Christmas is often a wasteful time,” said Marie.

“Reducing waste is a passion of mine, and my family has embraced traditions that foster connection while lessening our impact on the Earth.

“If we can do it, anyone can,” she told News Of The Area.

Here’s the suggestions created by Marie for OzGREEN’s sustainable Christmas resource.

1. Mindful Gift Giving

Choose durable gifts aligned with the recipient’s interests.

Opt for sustainable materials or consider gifting experiences.

2. Present Wrapping

Most wrapping paper is non-recyclable due to its plastic coating.

Wrap with scrap paper or old fabrics instead!

3. Food

Buy in-season produce from local growers.

Plan your meals in advance and consume leftovers promptly to reduce waste.

4. Waste

Christmas generates significant waste from single-use items.

To manage this, consider reusing items for crafts, compost organic waste, and recycle materials responsibly.

5. Christmas Trees

Plastic Christmas trees shed microplastics, harming the environment.

Instead, create a tree using branches in a sturdy pot or buy a native tree.

6. Table Decorations

Make table decorations, or find them outside.

Branches, native foliage and flowers, or even pinecones, are all very easy to find and free.

7. Bonbons

Make eco-friendly Bonbons using old toilet paper rolls, filling them with durable items like keyrings, or lip balm.

8. Advent Calendars

Make your own eco advent calendar.

It can be as simple as a branch, and some small paper bags tied on with jute twine.

9. Ornaments

Make DIY ornaments for a festive activity before Christmas.

Try origami birds, ceramic stars, or flower and paper chains.

10. Wreaths

Create a native wreath using local plants and flowers for an Australian aesthetic.

To access this and other free material and ideas see www

OzGREEN delivers programs, events and resources to increase wellbeing, build capacity and facilitate action.

Mindful that young people are the people of the future, they employ and mentor regional youth to help deliver youth wellbeing camps and clubs, waste reduction at major events, tree planting projects, nature connection, bushwalks, bird walks, kayak tours, sustainability skills workshops and citizen science events.


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