Renovations, bowls and fundraising at Nambucca Bowls Club

Brendon, Michelle and Doug.

WELL, I’ve been away for four weeks, and what’s happened at our club?

There have been lots of busy people making improvements and we are acting on our plans to improve the club premises and facilities to make this a centre of family and community activity.

Our bar staff are very happy with the new floors in their work area, and Reece is literally cooking up a storm in the kitchen with his new staff.

There are plenty of happy faces in the kitchen and outside with guests enjoying a fresh new menu.

Outside, Zenith Roofing are finally replacing the damaged roof, which will enable us to also fix outstanding issues inside the club.

And, as well as all that, a start has been made to fence our family entertainment area on the Nissan/Blackford Green.

When I popped down to the club last Saturday the club was jumping – lots of people inside and our Men’s Pennant teams playing as well.

I’m sure Grumpy will let you know the results.

The vibe was fantastic, and it’s something we aim to build on.

Our first Jack Attack Program has finished, and I’d like to thank everyone involved in both organisation and playing for making this a terrific new experience for our usual bowlers as well as newbies.

The overall winners, who received a great trophy created by Aaron Cedelland, were Brendon, Michelle and Doug.
We hope more people will join in when we run this event again later in the year.

And now to the Ladies’ bowls.

Social Thursday bowls is in full swing again and we are currently running the Ladies Major/Minor Club Championships on Tuesday mornings (or other days when our busy ladies are unavailable Tuesdays).
The results so far are:

Round 1 C. Davis and K. Porter def D. Mann and P. Fletcher 28-9; J. Cedelland and E.

Flemming def M. Duffus and N. Blackford 19-12.

Rd 2 M. Flagg and M. Smith def A. Johnson and S. Seckold 18-17; J. Cedelland and E.

Flemming def K. Dale and A. Duffus 18-15; B. Jones and M. Dwarte def J. Haigh and T. Ryan 26-14.


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